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Obesity, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Liver Disease and
Some Cancers are ALL

Metabolic Diseases"

Metabolic Syndrome
now affects nearly 

  • Overweight and Obesity Crisis
    30+ Body Mass w/ "Large Waist"
  • Hypertension with High Blood Pressure 140/90 or Higher
  • Low HDL "Good" Cholesterol 
    Lower than 40mg/dL
  • High Triglycerides Total
    Higher than 150mg/dL
  • Elevated Blood Sugar Levels
    Pre-Diabetic HbA1c >5.7% and
    Diabetic HbA1c >6.5%

It's Time For A
Total MetaHealth Transformation

What Our Clients Say

Actual Clients

John W.

50-year-old Male
Healthcare Executive

"My doctor put me on a statin drug to lower my cholesterol. The joint pain and other side effects made it hard to sleep. Thanks to this program, I naturally lowered my cholesterol 101 points and my doctor took me off the statin drug."

Susanne M.
50-year-old Female

"I feel very safe belonging to the
'Under 150 Club',
My cholesterol is 136 now.
I felt that I was 'fine' before and was already healthy, but now I feel so much healthier than ever before. I love how I look and feel. Thank you."

Asher S.

24-year-old Male

"My cholesterol dropped 116 points,

my Triglycerides dropped 227 points, and I lost 20 lbs!

This program changed how I eat and my life. I am much more aware of how what I eat affects my health."

"The Total MetaHealth Transformation program changed my life!

My diet, nutrition and lifestyle are now

I lost 35lbs, I sleep better, I walk and meditate daily, I drink enough water and I just feel GREAT!

I am 100% aware that what goes into my mouth becomes a part of me and affects my body.

At 50, I am ready to live to 100 healthy years!"

Michael Smith

Results are not guaranteed. Each testimonial is from a real customer who used our program and/or services. Before and after photos shown were not altered or retouched. Results achieved – including, but not limited to weight, body fat percentage, and measurements — were self-reported by the client and therefore cannot be confirmed. Errors could have been made in reported weight and measurements. Cholesterol and triglyceride measurements are from lab test results. You should assume that featured results are not typical. No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement.

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